Diabetes Profile
Diabetes Profile        

A Profile designed for Diabetics This Profile consists of following Important tests covering practically all parts of your body including detailed Thyroid Function Tests, HbA1c and Microalbumin levels:

Diabetes 13 SGOT 26 S. HDL Chol 39 RDW
01 Bl. Glucose F 14 SGPT 27 S. Non HDL Chol 40 MCV
02 HbA1c 15 SGGTP 28 S. LDL Chol 41 MCHC
03 Microalbumin 16 S Alk Phos 29 S. VLDL Chol 42 MCH
Kidney Function Tests 17 S. Proteins 30 Total/HDL Chol 43 ESR
04 Bl. Urea 18 S. Globulin 31 HDL/LDL Chol Thyroid Function Tests
05 S. Creatinine 19 S. Albumin 32 CRP 44 Free T3.
06 S. Uric Acid 20 A/ G Ratio Complete Blood Counts 45 Free T4
07 S. Sodium Bones, Joints & Muscles 33 TLC 46 TSH
08 S. Potassium 21 S. Calcium 34 DLC 47 Urine Routine
09 S. Chloride 22 S. Phosphorus 35 TRBC Count    
Liver Function Tests 23 S. LDH 36 Platelet Count    
10 S.Total Bilirubin Lipid Profile/Heart 37 Hemoglobin  
11 S. Direct Bilirubin 24 S. Cholesterol Absolute Values  
12 S.Indirect Bilirubin 25 S. Triglyceride 38 PCV  

Importantce of HbA1C (Glyco-HB)

This test is capable of evaluating 10-12 weeks of glucose control. Patients having HbA1C level of >8.0% have very high risk of developing long-term complications in eye (retinopathy), kidney (nephropathy), nervous system (neuropathy) and heart (cardiopathy).

Importance of MICROALBUMIN

This is a simple urine test, which detects renal complications very early especially in persons suffering from diabetes. Persons having persistent increased microalbumin ultimately may develop diabetic nephropathy.